image-expertise.jpgHigh performance facilities and equipment

We designed and made the equipment we use daily to repair metal containers. It was developed over time to meet our specific needs. We are proud of being able to upgrade it ourselves in a cost-effective manner. Another plus is that we are not dependant on a supplier for the tools we need to run our operations.

Our workshop includes five repair lines, and our repair team has the capacity to repair and transform100 metal containers a day.

We use a large tank for plating metal containers and other items with zinc or other coatings.

We also have the capacity to paint containers in any colour you choose.

A fantastic repair service team
The most stringent quality control measures
Fast delivery service

Our strengths
  • Our highly professional team with more than 25 years’ service
  • Our unique, diversified expertise
  • Effective tools and equipment designed and fabricated by Celko
  • Stringent quality control measures combined with compliance with industry standards
  • Competitive pricing
  • Fast turnaround owing to our centralized location (less than 40 km from Highway 20, 80 km from Quebec City, 195 km from Montreal and 100 km from Trois-Rivières)
  • Our exclusive metal container recycling service.