The specialist in metal containers

accueil3.jpgCelko Métallurgie specializes in selling, repairing and renting stackable and foldable metal containers, both new and used. Since 1985, we have been the preferred supplier for many large Canadian companies that transport dry products such as mail, food, automobile parts, pharmaceuticals, and many other items.

When you buy wire mesh baskets from Celko Métallurgie, you’ll gain an edge and benefit handsomely from our expertise.

  • We really do know all there is to know about wire mesh baskets

  • We’ve been repairing these containers since 1985. So we know how they are put together and how they work. Let us put our unique expertise to work for you.

  • An unparalleled quality-price ratio

  • There is no comparable product on the market. Our wire mesh baskets are top quality. And our prices are highly competitive. Buying quality is an investment that pays off.

  • You’ll help protect the environment

  • With the many containers we’ve repaired over the years, we’ve prevented thousands of wire mesh baskets from being sent to landfill. In dealing with a partner who is a pioneer in recycling, you too will be contributing to sustainable development.

  • Fast delivery service

  • We deliver within 48 hours regardless of where your company is located in Quebec. For locations elsewhere in Canada, we provide 72-hour delivery service from coast to coast.
    Celko also customizes metal containers.

      - foldable baskets
      - foldable containers
      - nestable racks
      - stackable containers
      - montainers
      - shipping racks
      - modular systems

    Contact us. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs.

    “…What we appreciate the most in our partnership with Celko, is their integrity...”
    Marie-France Gardeau, Olymel
    “…Celko quickly delivered what we needed,…”
    Martin Paquet, Lavokika
    “…Their ability to understand what we need makes doing business with them real easy.”
    Jacques Bédard, Vice-President, Sales
    Minéraux Mart, Saint-Joseph-de-Sorel