neuf-1.gifWhat type of wire mesh baskets do you need?

Celko distributes a broad range of new storage and handling systems. Our stackable, foldable and reusable wire mesh containers deliver the best quality-price ratio on the market.

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For distributors, regular clients and suppliers, our wire mesh containers represent value-added industrial packaging. With the walls collapsed, these space-saving containers generate 75% more floor and transportation space.

Excellent durability
Wire mesh containers are durable and shock resistant. With reinforcement in critical areas, they provide the best weight/strength ratio on the market. Also, zinc plating increases their service life.

Extremely practical
What’s inside the containers is easily identified through the wire mesh, thereby reducing shipping mistakes. The standard weight of the containers makes it easier to weigh the contents.

Minimal maintenance
Wire mesh containers require minimal maintenance. Their wire mesh construction prevents dust accumulation at the bottom of the containers. Also, unlike plastic containers, parts of wire mesh containers can be repaired or replaced at little cost. Celko also provides a repair service.

Good for the environment
Containers are completely recyclable. Unlike wood or paperboard packaging, wire mesh containers make a substantial contribution to reducing waste.

Incredibly solid
Wire mesh containers are built to handle the load capacity you require, taking into consideration that they can be stacked up to four high. The spacing and size of the wire mesh is determined on the basis of the required load capacity. A range of options are available, including two types of feet.

Foot Types
Figure A: facilitates stacking and handling folded containers.
Figure B: allows for more folded containers per square foot.
Popular Options
  • ID plates
  • Dividers
  • Lid
  • Fork straps
  • Casters

You can rent to meet one-off requirements