Almost 25 years in the metal container recycling business

The company is founded by Carol Brousseau, Guy Beaudoin and Clifton Glazier, three Central Quebec businessmen. Originally established in Lyster and Laurierville, the company is first called Ateliers BDG and specializes in repairing canvas bags used to transport mail.
Other specialities are added including the manufacture of mail boxes and waste containers. The company starts repairing metal baskets and this service quickly becomes its primary activity.
With vision and perseverance, the company founders rapidly develop the organization into a leader in its field.

The company applies CSA standard Z299.3.

The building in Lyster is completely destroyed by a fire.

Ateliers BDG operations are centralized in Laurierville. The 14,500 square foot building was divided into 4,500 square feet for a repair shop and offices and 10,000 square feet of storage space.

Ateliers BDG upgrades some of its equipment including the forklift.

Ateliers BDG has from its inception been restoring wire mesh baskets for a major mail distribution company and is so successful at it that in 2006 it lands the contract to recondition wire mesh baskets for the company’s operations across Canada.

A dome is added to provide a protected storage area for metal baskets.

The company is sold to new owners Marcel Côté, and his brother, André Côté. Marcel has considerable experience in customer service in the automobile and backing paper distribution sectors, whereas André is a mechanical engineer with Transports du Québec.

A new name, Celko Métallurgie, was adopted.

Celko signed an agreement with Martins Industries to distribute its new storage and handling systems including foldable containers, nestable racks, stackable containers, monotrainers, shipping racks and wire-mesh baskets.