image-controleqlt1.jpgStrict quality imposed over container repair services

At Celko, we apply stringent, precise and measurable quality control standards.

Quality control is applied at three distinct levels: safety, construction and appearance.

  • Zero tolerance when it comes to safety

  • Welding and grinding require absolute precision. Nothing less. The same applies to soldering points. Every container has to be absolutely solid to ensure safe stacking.

  • Zero tolerance when it comes to construction

  • The container’s mobility and locking mechanisms have to be absolutely perfect. The fasteners and stacking plates must be perfectly straight, slipping into place just as if they were brand new.

  • Zero tolerance when it comes to appearance

  • At Celko, we apply the same level of care to the appearance of our products. We make sure the panels are straight, the spacing is consistent, the soldering points are smooth and the angles equal in size.

    Only metal containers that meet our test criteria are given the Celko seal of approval.

      img-ctrl-qlt.jpg Our products undergo meticulous testing:

    • Load test: container dimensions are controlled (up to 260 containers can be loaded onto a 54-foot trailer truck).
    • Weight control test: Our metal containers can withstand loads of up to 10,000 pounds.

    Celko: custom storage and handling solutions that meet the standards within YOUR industry.

    Every customer has specific standards they have to meet, within their company or industry. At Celko, we listen carefully to your needs. Take for example the food industry. All metal containers used in this industry must be zinc plated in keeping with Canadian Food Inspection Agency standards. Containers intended for heavy loads must undergo weight control testing.