Celko knows how to keep its customers happy

“In the food processing industry, we are required to comply with very strict standards when it comes to the wire mesh containers we use to transport our products. They have to be absolutely perfect in every way. Whenever repairs are needed, we give Celko a call and the job gets done. Celko picks them up the same day and gets them back to us pronto. If the zinc coating needs to be refreshed, it’s done without our having to ask. What we appreciate the most in our partnership with Celko, is their integrity. They’re always thinking about what is in our best interests. The Celko team is responsive, conscientious and skilled. We feel as if we’re in very good hands and ready to deal with whatever comes our way.”

Marie-France Gardeau, Buyer
Olymel, Princeville


“Lavakika has been a leader in the recycled rubber market for close to 30 years essentially because of our efficient operations. Efficiency is our watchword, because we want to stay competitive. This means we choose our partners carefully. And Celko is a true partner. They provide the used wire mesh containers we need to store forklift tires slated for recycling. Celko quickly delivered what we needed, and knew exactly what we wanted. Celko provides efficient customer service. They really know what they’re doing.”
Martin Paquet
President, Lavokika, Granby


“We work in the metal industry providing aluminum smelters, refineries and steel plants worldwide with alloys and various raw materials. It goes without saying that we need ultra-robust, foolproof containers to transport our metal products. And Celko meets our needs. They do impeccable work and offer exceptional service. Their carrier picks up our baskets in record time. Their ability to understand what we need makes doing business with them real easy. For us, Celko is a true partner in our business.”

Jacques Bédard, Vice-President, Sales
Minéraux Mart, Saint-Joseph-de-Sorel