Do you think your old baskets are only good for the scrap heap?

Think again. Since 1985, we have refurbished thousands of old battered wire mesh containers. With our specialized tools, precise measuring equipment, our unique and sophisticated welding techniques and processes as well as the unparalleled expertise of our team of specialists, we can refurbish old containers and save them from the scrap yard.

Celko also offers used metal containers of varying dimensions ranging from 10 cubic feet (ideal for storing, handling and transporting light items) to 45 cubic feet. The large robust containers are used for extremely heavy, bulky items.

We have the capacity to adapt them to your needs. They can be adjusted, equipped with rollers and painted. Our wire mesh containers can also be zinc plated, as is required by the food industry.

Celko has the solution for all your storage, handling and transportation needs. Let us know what your requirements are. And we’ll be pleased to devise a solution tailored to your needs.